Do you need

My name is James W Burke.

I make websites and would like an internship.

If you’re an awesome company that would like an awesome intern, check out my portfolio, resume, then contact me.

Let me be upfront

I don’t work miracles, but I'm still pretty good.

I have been working with websites for a few years now (at least 6, more if you count my geocities days). I've been pretty heavily involved in East Stroudsburg University’s day-to-day operation for the last two years, done the social media thing, and had a few freelance clients through my company and one-man operation, Reverence City Design.

Being part of over a dozen projects from start to finish has given me a decent start in the field. From early wire-framing/prototyping, to backend development and CMS integration, to SEO and social media marketing, I’ve tasted it a bit of it all.

Here’s some of what I’m best at, but not all I know. Take a look at my resume for details.

  • Wordpress
  • Javascript (jQuery in particular)
  • Apache, PHP, MySQL setups
  • C++/Java
  • A random assortment of APIs (Twitter, Google Maps, Flickr)
  • Frameworks (, CodeIgnitor, jQuery)
  • Design patterns such as OOP and MVC

Please don't disregard me if your programming language of choice isn't listed here or on my resume.

I'm young and a full time student (while running a business, and working as a Resident Advisor). As much as I'd love to be fluent in high level JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, and Django, the time isn't there.

BUT, I can learn! In fact, I'd love to learn. So if your web app or design studio uses something different, let me know and I'll make sure I can handle it before working with you.


Which leads me into the next point,

What do I want?

To become part of an internship program focusing on web design, development, and implementation. Grow and learn from great minds in the field, and become part of an amazing team. Join a development firm or web company specializing in web apps or web development for others.

Specifically speaking, I want to get on the inside. I've been teaching myself for years without any other professionals in the field (other than my boss at school, who has been an amazing help and mentor). The large majority learned has been via tutorials, blogs, and books. The inner workings of a company are foreign, yet endlessly fascinate me. I'm very excited to see up close how others work.

Living in Eastern Pennsylvania doesn't give me many options in terms of nearby locations. My personal preference would be right in the heart of Silicon Valley or Mountain View, but I'm open to anything. 

A paid internship is necessary (as I'd be moving for the summer, rather than commuting), and a company that assists in housing would be amazing.


I hope so.

May I offer three suggestions on how to continue?

  1. Check out my resume if you haven't already
  2. Visit my portfolio to see some of my work.
  3. Contact me via form, email, or social media.